Lucknow Mahotsav extended till 9th December!

Lucknow Mahotsav extended till 9th December!

▪ Lucknow Mahotsav extended till 9th December.

▪ However, the cultural programmes are not extended. UP Governor Ram Naik will attended the official concluding event of the Lucknow Mahotsav on 5th December.

▪ Atal Gaanv, a small village dedicated to the memory of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee is a major crowd-puller this year.

Every Lucknowite’s favorite carnival, the Lucknow Mahotsav has been extended for another four days and will now end on December 9.

The carnival, that started on November 25 was supposed to wrap up within 10 days and end on December 5. Owing to the fact that people adore the festival and it experiences a footfall of lakhs of people every single day, the event was extended. And now is the best time for shoppers and foodies to visit the Mahotsav.

Right now is the perfect time to hit the “Shopping-Sweet Spot” since the cultural programs that usually happen every single day in the Mahotsav will not be carried forward after the extension. The crowds that flock the grounds because of all the performances and celebrities, will also thin away because of it. There will be lesser VIP movement, the parking space would be less crowded and so will the roads.

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The extension also makes the shopkeepers a little anxious, since they too want to sell their stuff, pack their bags and bid adieu to the event, so the prices of most things usually go down. YES. You read it right. Prices go down. Plus, it is easier to haggle with the already tired shopkeepers (shopping hack!).

The food stalls and rides are also less crowded and much more easier to access. So if, you’re someone who hasn’t visited the Lucknow Mahotsav for fear of crowds and endless wait, the extension period is your golden window. You can enjoy everything that you want to and yet, not be worried about a possible stampede (*wink wink).

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