Lucknow in Red Zone: Know what all will open in the city from May 4

Lucknow in Red Zone: Know what all will open in the city from May 4

Liquor shops to operate from 10am to 7pm

Despite being in Red Zone, Lucknow has been given a number of relaxations. These relaxations however, will not apply in hotspots of the city and will only be valid for the other areas which will definitely benefit from it.

Uttar Pradesh government announced a detailed plan to restart the economy on Sunday. While a few government offices were already operational, now from Monday all state and central government offices can operate with 33% staff.

Following the central government order, the state officials have decided to open all standalone shops and liquor shops in the city. These commercial establishments will operate between 10am to 7pm and will have to adhere to all social distancing norms. All employees will have to use their own vehicle for commute as public transport will remain shut in Lucknow till May 17th.

[rebelmouse-image 22893752 photo_credit="" pin_description="" dam="1" caption="Coronavirus Lucknow news: Lockdown extended till May 17" photo_credit_src="" crop_info="" expand="1"] Coronavirus Lucknow news: Lockdown extended till May 17

The government has also suggested all government organisations to sanitize their premises before resuming work. The detailed circular is attached below-

[rebelmouse-document-pdf 6435 site_id=20074994 original_filename="New+Guidelines.pdf"]

No word on opening of restaurants for takeaway & delivery

Restaurants in Lucknow are shut since March 21, even before the national lockdown was announced. Though food delivery is operational in Delhi, there is no word yet to open it in Lucknow. We can expect this to be discussed after the successful opening of standalone shops in Lucknow.

At this stage, it is important to follow all social distancing norms and not to venture out until it is absolutely necessary. We at Knocksense believe that though offices are allowed to open, work from home is still a better way to move forward till May 17. Once our recovery rate increases, we can further decide to open offices.

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