876 new Covid cases reported in Lucknow on Saturday

876 new Covid cases reported in Lucknow on Saturday

This brings up the total number of active cases in the city to 2,573

Witnessing a surge in COVID cases, Lucknow has reported 876 new cases on Saturday. This has brought up the total number of active cases to 2,573, which is the highest number of cases in 8 months. Among the new cases, 253 were the contacts of patients diagnosed with the virus earlier, while 167 had travel history to other states or countries.

At least 133 had got themselves tested after developing mild symptoms. Besides, 19 people were found to be infected in routine testing done before admitting them to various hospitals for surgeries related to other diseases.

Check area-wise breakdown of cases below:

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Among the ew cases, Chinhat reported the maximum number of infections at 166. It is followed by 120 in Aliganj, 77 in Indira Nagar, 74 in Alambagh, 71 in Old City, 60 in Sarojini Nagar, 53 in Nawal Kishore Road and 47 in Kaiserbagh. 15 new patients were admitted to hospitals.

CMO office spokesperson, Yogesh Raghuvanshi, said of the total cases reported in the last 24 hours, 15 patients were admitted to hospitals for observation as they had mild symptoms. Of these, seven were at the KGMU and four each at SGPGIMS and Command Hospital. "Other patients are isolating at home," he said.

- with inputs from IANS

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