This week, grab unlimited Pizza & Pasta for Rs 399/person at Cafe Infinity in Lucknow!

This week, grab unlimited Pizza & Pasta for Rs 399/person at Cafe Infinity in Lucknow!

If you’re a fan of food and want to celebrate your Valentine’s week binging on some warm-steamy deliciousness, head over to Cafe Infinity. Celebrate the real love-the love of Food, with the Knocksense Food Festival and enjoy the phenomenal deal on Pizzas and Pastas at Cafe Infinity.

Since the offer is being served around Valentine’s week, all decked in roses and pink fluff, we know what you’re thinking. “Is the offer only for couples?” Well, no. Cafe Infinity has got you singles covered as well!

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What’s the deal?

The amazing offer includes an unlimited- delectable pizza and pasta treat at just ₹749 for couples. And for all the singles in the city, it gets even better ‘cos they get the same deliciousness at an extremely reasonable price of ₹399. At Cafe Infinity, you get to treat your pocket as well as your palate!

Which is why, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to be here with your soulmate your date or that one person who is ‘just a friend’. You get to enjoy all the food and none of the pressure.

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What’s the vibe?

Cafe Infinity is all set to take you by storm as they’ve done up the place to give it a breathtakingly cute ambience. The cafe is perhaps one of Lucknow’s best joints and with their amazing deals, they’re sure to win not only your hearts, but also your taste buds. Their food will have you constantly craving for more and the aura here will make it the perfect hangout or a wonderful date spot!

The Knocksense Food Fest deals at Cafe Infinity are valid from February 11 to February 14, so you get to enjoy the amazing offer not once but several times over.

So, head over to Cafe Infinity and fill on all the food and the looove!

If you’re looking for more Valentine’s week offers and discounts stay tuned to the website and we’ll keep you posted!

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