Vintage Machine: Lucknow's go-to cafe which also redeemed city's coffee culture

Vintage Machine: Lucknow's go-to cafe which also redeemed city's coffee culture

Lucknow isn't just about chai and that's why Vintage Machine will always have a special place in our coffee loving hearts!

When it comes to coffee and Lucknow, we often mistake the concept to be new, foreign. alien or even something we just can't relate to. Yet, Lucknow and coffee go a long way back, to the Victorian era when the smell of dark roasted coffee wasn't an everyday thing and those who drank the dark elixir were considered to be of a different class. Yet, for some time Lucknow and coffee's love affair seem to have taken a sabbatical, for the city's longer affair with tea seems to have overtaken everyone's minds.

However, there were still some coffee enthusiasts who brewed the finest brews at home and waited for years before finally the Vintage Machine came to help us all find a way out of the coffee purgatory we were in. So here's taking a detour to Lucknow's not so historic past and looking at the contribution of The Vintage Machine in reviving Lucknow's lost appreciation for coffee.

Lucknow and the tale of Coffee

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Contrary to popular belief, coffee has long been a favourite of the people of Lucknow, who found solace in the 'new' experience. When the first coffee house started in Lucknow in 1938 by the name of Indian Coffee House, it was an instantaneous hit. For intellectuals, journalists, activists and even politicians, the coffee house and several that came after it were places where one could have a strong cup of French pressed black, a foamy latte or just a regular espresso and talk about anything they wanted to.

The Vintage Machine Cafe

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When The Vintage Machine Cafe came to Lucknow in 2016, Lucknow didn't have a strong culture of coffee. Not in the sense that there weren't many coffee places but in the sense that the existing places weren't as much about coffee as they were about everything else. Vintage Machine was like oxygen for the coffee lovers in the city, who knew good coffee but were deprived of the 'coffee house experience' for long.

Vintage Machine is all about coffee, a place that didn't call itself a cafe and served 5 types of coffee, but a true coffee lover's paradise where the smell of dark roast hit us as soon as we'd walk in. The beverage menu here is experimental, to say the least. Which for epicures and coffee lovers is reason enough to order different things, experiment with the beverage list and find a favourite. From the iconic Kafe Roasted Hazelnut, Kafe Affogato, the basic Cappuccino and the bolder Nitro Cold Brew, Kashmiri Cappuccino and the Japanese Matcha Latte, we've tried and loved it all.

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People from all corners of the city come to Patrakarpuram to taste the heavenly coffee which had made a name in the community for being the best. We also rush to the place for their epic pasta, burgers and pizza, which to the day no-one has been able to top!

The Vintage Machine, hence in its essence, did not just bring better and more coffee varieties to Lucknow but shook the epicurean scene, made people come to the place and have long chats, discuss thing here, enjoy live performances and indulge, everything the culture of coffee drinking and 'grabbing a cup of coffee with pals', stands for.

Knock Knock

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Vintage Machine has been one of the most loved and praised cafes in Lucknow which only goes to show that no matter what you serve, serving with passion will always make it work. The passion this place had and to the day- has for coffee is unmatched and so is Lucknow's love for it.

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