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Goa on COVID alert as cases spike in Maharashtra & Kerala

Amid the rise in the cases of COVID-19 in neighbouring states of Maharashtra and Kerala, the administration in Goa is now on an alert. While Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant on Tuesday claimed the region to be 100% ready to tackle the 'third wave' surge of corona virus, he has highlighted the need to raise the defence guard and caution against the resurgence. The state has prepared human as well as infrastructure resources to fight the spike, the Minister clarified.

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Goa readies PICUs & task force to safeguard kids during predicted third wave

The Goa government learnt a tough lesson during the second wave of corona transmission, when the state registered the highest infection positivity rate in the country. Taking lessons on preparedness from failures of this time, the state government has launched preparations to combat the predicted third wave, which is believed to affect children.

As per reports, the government is working in coordination with AIIMS to produce SOPs for the management of COVID in children. Further, it has decided to increase the number of Paediatric ICUs and has deployed a special task force to deal with the upcoming situation, among other things.

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Special Task Force set up in Goa to tackle the expected third wave of infection!

The state of Goa has initiated a proactive measure in view of the expected third wave of the pandemic. A 15-member special task force has been set up here, under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister to prepare for a successive infection swell, anticipated to hit the nation in the coming months. Reportedly, the state Health Minister has roped in as the Vice Chairman of this force which will include both, private and government doctors.

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