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IIM Lucknow partners with IIT-K & IIT-BHU to develop an oxygen audit system for COVID relief

IIM Lucknow has announced its partnership with IIT-K and IIT-BHU to develop an audit platform for promoting the efficient use of available oxygen resources. This virtual management platform will be used by the government machinery to optimize oxygen usage and save the life-sustaining gas by cutting down on excessive consumption. Making sure that the software is free from all glitches, it is being prepared through pooled efforts of three top-notch institutes in Uttar Pradesh.

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IIM Lucknow delivers 100% placements yet again; average salary stands at a whooping 26 LPA!

Concluding placements for the batch of 2021, the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow has triumphed in securing jobs for 100% of students enrolled in the two academic courses hosted by it. Amidst the difficult circumstances due to the ongoing pandemic, the institute has successfully retained its feat through a completely online process of recruitment. Maintaining its esteemed legacy, the institute has recorded an average salary of ₹26 lakhs per annum this year.

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IIM-Lucknow to conduct cognitive studies to address stress-woes of CRPF personnel

The Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow has decided to undertake behavioural studies to identify the stress levels in the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) jawans, who work under extreme conditions. Mapping the cognitive patterns of these jawans, IIM-Lucknow will address the woes of mental health among members of the force, promoting better mental health among them. Excess stress due to work, deployment away from family and many other causes will be discussed through the study, which will lead to solutions, enabling the personnel to discharge their duties more efficiently.

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IIM-Lucknow & IIT-Kanpur enter into a new MoU for boosting startups across the country

With an aim to accelerate the growth of ideas & novelty in India's startup agglomerate, departments from the two of the country's top-notch institutes have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding. Signed by IIT Kanpur Research and Technology Park and IIM Lucknow-Enterprise Incubation Centre (IIML-EIC) over a zoom call, the new MoU plans to propel innovations in the start-up environment across the nation.

A catalyst for promoting entrepreneurship & empowering innovations

The director of IIT Kanpur who is also the Chairman, Board of Technopark stated that the latest collaboration between the two leading institutes of the country will provide a platform for connecting the academia in addition to opening new routes for sharing resources. He further added that the association would not just promote entrepreneurship but also act as a catalyst for empowering the future innovators in the country.

He was quoted as saying, "IIM Lucknow Incubator and Technopark are a part of academic powerhouses and bring unique values to the innovation ecosystem. We are delighted to partner with the IIM Lucknow Incubator to blend these strengths and leverage synergies." He further asserted that the alliance is capable of revamping the startup ecosystem of the country and not just the state of Uttar Pradesh.

A step towards encouraging intermingling of ideas

An official from IIM Lucknow affirmed that a developing economy like ours cannot be the breeding ground for an establishment like the Silicon Valley if institutional gaps are not mended. He said that innovation and incubation are the only keys to encouraging entrepreneurship. He further informed that IIM-Lucknow has not only worked towards exploring deep facets of artificial intelligence but also helped in the incubation of many technology start-ups. The new MoU would promote the intermingling of works and ideas between startups of technopark & incubation centre and the academics of the two institutes.

A benchmark for other IITs and IIMs to follow

The recent partnership can be a symbol of inspiration for other IITs and IIMs. In the current environment when 'self-reliance' and 'Make in India' have garnered maximum attention, the innovative startup ecosystem of the country is booming. Such focussed interventions, like the MoU, can be conducive to more constructive and long-term developments.

-with inputs from IANS

Mumbai Boy battling Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia & Dysarthria, qualifies for IIM-Lucknow

Yash Avadesh Gandhi, a 21-year old Mumbaikar who has been battling cerebral palsy, dyslexia and dysarthria, has made his way into IIM-Lucknow for the academic session 2020-22. With 92.5 percentile in CAT 2019, Yash has defied all odds and his story is serving as an inspiration and more, to all those who're in search of motivation right now.

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