Sea-food, draft beer & beach vibes: Visit Taphouse Beer Cafe in North Goa now!

Sea-food, draft beer & beach vibes: Visit Taphouse Beer Cafe in North Goa now!

Goa is the ultimate partayy hub for all and there’s always that one WhatsApp group which never stops talking about a vacation here! #squadgoals

The sea-food here has a different fan base altogether, the chilled tipples for day drinking and of course, the rad party scenes are LIT AF! Goa is a videsi getaway option for us Indians. We crave to chill in our shorts and to meet new people who share the same vibes and playlists by the Arabian Sea!

Taphouse Beer Cafe

is located on the roads of Morjim, North Goa and it will become your chill spot as soon as you step in! Take our word for it.

Cloaked in a typical beach shack attire, Taphouse offers you delish munchies and hearty food at economical prices. To wash down the delciacies, these good ol’ souls offer 3 types of chilled draught beer- Arbor Beachshack, Easy Rider and Bira White and we can’t get over them. Arbor Smooth Criminal will soon be available so hold on to your horses- till then make the best use of these delicious flavours!

We devoured

their sea-food platter within minutes- it had tender squids, meaty prawns, fried potatoes and honestly, who can resist THIS palate pleasure?

We also tried their perfectly seasoned Chicken Cafreal, Chilli Chicken, Golden Batter Fried Prawns and of course, along with these dishes, we chugged the cold brew to our heart’s content!

Cold draught beer and fried juicy sea-food is a duo curated in foodie paradise and you can’t disagree- imagine hogging on these delicacies while the beach vibes are cradling your soul. Aaaah, take us back to Goa, ASAP!

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This place will fit your millennial budget, your beachy mood and you can chill here for hours with your squad. So what we’re telling you is that, if you’re in North Goa, skipping Taphouse Beer Cafe isn’t a wise option.

You cannot escape its charms- we assure you that.

Location: 669/b, Mardiwada, Morjim, Goa.

Cost: ₹600 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Timings: 8:30am – 11:30pm

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