New COVID cases marked at 3,441 in Jaipur with the highest-ever fatalities on Saturday!

New COVID cases marked at 3,441 in Jaipur with the highest-ever fatalities on Saturday!

With 39,824 active patients on Saturday, Jaipur shares the largest COVID burden in the state.

Spilling out unmatched fears amongst the citizens in Jaipur, the harrowing effects of the second COVID wave are increasing every day. On Saturday, an alarming number of 3,441 new infections was recorded in the city, stretching the tally of active patients to 39,824. While the recovery count has been stable with 1,348 recoveries registered on Saturday, it is perturbing to note that the highest-ever count of 54 fatalities was marked on the same day.

More than 3k fresh cases recorded in Jaipur for the 5th day in a row!

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After the accelerated spread of infections from August to November in 2020, the daily case count lowered to a double-digit figure in January 2021. Since then, the fresh infections always oscillated in the controlled zone till the second wave sprung up in the last week of March and the cases rose to a worrisome four-digit figure. A simple glance at the progression graph indicates the sudden surge in April which has brought a state of turmoil for the city.

Similarly, the fatality rate was marginally low for Jaipur which overturned with the onslaught of the current chain of infections. As a result, the deaths have continuously increased in the past two weeks and a record-breaking count of 54 individuals lost their lives to the virus, on Saturday.

On the brighter side, more than a thousand individuals have recovered in the past 4 days and the largest count of 1,484 recoveries were marked on Friday. Given these circumstances, Jaipur and other Rajasthan districts stand clamped under a long lockdown till May 17.

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