Trudge through the itinerary of Jaipur's night sky tourism with us!

Gazing at the best of the sky from the best from the earth, this will definitely be an experience of a lifetime!

The innovative night sky tourism was recently inaugurated in Jaipur. Aimed at encouraging people towards science and technology and boosting their scientific temper, the unique initiative offers telescopic views of celestial marvels on special occasions across different spots in the city. Including 5 events in the immediate line-up of the tour, the heavenly expedition from Jaipur has chosen sites with great historical significance for the astronomical shows. Before you sign-up for the ultimate star-gazing, here are the three sites that will host you for the magical experiences!

Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar presents a scintillating agglomeration of 19 astronomical instruments. Built by Sawai Jai Singh II, the monument is a UNESCO world heritage site housing the world's largest stone-crafted sundial. Based on the historical sciences of ancient positional astronomy, Jantar Allow captivating observation of the universal activities from the naked eye. Also, the monumental site has made it to the big screen serving as the filming location for the 2006 movie 'The Fall'.

Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury will be shown from Jantar Mantar on February 11.

Amer Fort

One of the most frequented locations by tourists in Jaipur, Amer Fort is a symbol of the city's opulent history and spectacular architecture. Situated 11 km from Jaipur, the fort was initially constructed by the Meenas and later found patronage under Raja Man Singh I. Built using red sandstone and marble, the fort's complex sprawls over four levels, each with a courtyard. Being a witness to multiple dynasties, the fort presents a striking amalgamation of Rajput & Mughal architecture.

Amer Durg will show Mercury on May 17 and the biggest moon of the year 2021 on May 26.

Albert Hall

Albert Museum is not just the oldest museum of Rajasthan but serves the purpose of the state museum too. Also known as the government central museum, it stands in the Ram Niwas garden as a refined example of Indo-Saracenic architecture. The museum presents a range of artifacts including paintings, jewelry, carpets, ivory, stone, metal sculptures, and works in crystal from Gupta, Kushan, Delhi Sultanate, Mughal and British periods. If you happen to stroll by this place, don't miss paying a visit to the Dolls Museum.

Albert Hall will show Jupiter and Mercury conjunctions on March 5 and Venus on July 3.

Knock Knock

Keep astronomy on the side, aren't you enticed enough by the absolute beauty of these architectural wonders? Be it the splendid ornamentation of the Albert Hall or the enthralling gateways of the Amer fort, every element of the sites encircling the night sky tourism is purely alluring! And, we are sure that gazing at the best of the sky from the best from the earth, will definitely be an experience of a lifetime!

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