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Know how to safeguard your phone from digital frauds with THIS story on RED FM's Hidden Files 3.0

An increase in productivity and overall quality of life has been noticed since the advent of smartphones. With almost everything available at a finger tap, accessibility to information, online services and facilities, amid other things, has increased manifolds. However, this gadget that is making our life convenient, has proven to be one of the biggest inconveniences when digital crimes are taken into account.

In one of the episodes of Hidden Files 3.0, expert Mr. Amit Dubey narrates a real-life incident where a businessman was duped by a gang of cybercriminals and how one can carefully avoid such situations. For more such mind-boggling and educative narratives, tune into RED FM between 8 PM to 9 PM, every Monday through Friday.

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Tune into RED FM & learn about cybercrime from expert Amit Dubey, hosting Hidden Files 3.0

In line with their brand's philosophy of 'Bajaate Raho', which entails speaking up for the right issues and for the people, 93.5 RED FM has announced the launch of Hidden Files- Season 3. A show that focuses on cybercrime, it will be hosted by renowned national security and digital crime expert- Mr. Amit Dubey, in an audiobook format that will have real-life stories of cybercrime. Educate yourself to safeguard your money, identity and other personal items from online predators, as you tune into RED FM!

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