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Rajasthan to treat Black Fungus as an 'epidemic' amid case rise in Jaipur & other districts

Amid the rampant rise of mucormycosis infection in recovering or recovered COVID-19 patients across several Rajasthan districts, the state government on Wednesday declared 'black fungus' disease as an epidemic. Cases of black fungus are being reported as a successive complication in COVID-19 patients and consequently, their treatment is integrated with coronavirus medical aid. The epidemic status will help the state indulge in serious probes to devise clinical protocols against the further spread.

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Jaipur Hospital sets up a dedicated ward for treating 'Black Fungus' patients

In times when the horrors unleashed by the pandemic show no signs of retiring anytime soon, the fear of successive 'Black Fungus' infection has also amplified the state of turmoil across the country. In view of this, a dedicated ward for such patients has been established in Jaipuria Hospital of Rajasthan University for Health Sciences. Therein, a panel of expert doctors from various departments is helping in the diagnosis and cure of affected patients.

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Black Fungus cases reported in Jaipur add to the city's pandemic woes!

Adding on to the woes of the pandemic, there have been reports of Black Fungus infection in a handful of COVID survivors in Jaipur and the count seems to be snowballing each day, across various regions. Reportedly, 14 patients have been detected with the infection in the last 12 hours and according to the head of the ENT department at SMS hospital, from August to December last year, around 24 such cases were noted. Although most of these patients were treated by doctors in time, a few have ended up losing their eyesight due to this infection. The genesis and repercussions of the Black Fungus have caused concern among citizens.

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