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Extensive policing across all major flyovers in Lucknow; motorcyclists singled out specifically

Most of the citizens who were out on the streets in Lucknow on Tuesday with their cars and bikes, faced a halt in their journey at major flyovers/bridges. The concerned authorities had deployed police forces at strategic locations and drivers and riders in motion, were all stopped for random checking.

The personnel involved, checked for masks, pollution certificates and other official documents, which are required to be carried by all. This venture specifically witnessed motorcyclists being singled out and the ones without helmets, were further tackled in stringent manners,

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2 new flyovers inaugurated in Lucknow in an attempt to reduce traffic congestion

In an attempt to ease the traffic woes faced by Lucknowites, two new flyovers connecting some major areas in Lucknow were inaugurated on Tuesday. Considering the ever-increasing issue of rising traffic on the roads of Lucknow, these two overpasses will significantly help in decongesting the roads, in about 24 localities in old city as well as the Hazratganj-Charbagh road. These endeavours will cut down the commute time and control the overall problem of heightened traffic in Lucknow.

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