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BMC receives bids to import 1 crore Sputnik V vaccines to augment inoculation in Mumbai

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has received Sputnik V bids to import 10 million doses of the Russian-origin COVID shot at the cost of ₹700 crores. Along with the expectation of more such global tenders, Mumbai's municipality aims to roll out an aggressive inoculation campaign, for the benefit of all residents. As per reports, the BMC will attempt to vaccinate every citizen in the world's second-most populous city within a period of 60 days (2 months).

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Covishield Vaccine in Mumbai: 1st batch from Pune's Serum Institute reaches the city today

The municipal authority of Mumbai, BMC has received its first consignment of the 'Covishield' vaccine form the Pune-based Serum Institute of India. As per reports, over 1.39 lakh shots of the coronavirus vaccine arrived in the city in a special vehicle of the BMC, early on Wednesday morning. The BMC has notified that the first batch of vaccine vials will be transported to the designated 72 vaccination centres, across the city, to prepare them ahead of the nationwide inoculation drive which is set to being on January 16.

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Gymkhanas & Govt schools to be inducted as centres for COVID-19 vaccination in Mumbai

Ahead of the launch of the COVID-19 vaccine in India, Mumbai's BMC has buckled up to set-up two to three vaccination centres in each of the 24 administrative wards distributed evenly across the city. The municipal authority aims to provide the medical shot to a population of 1.24 crore in the city.

The authorities have stated that the BMC will adopt the process of simultaneous distribution of dosages across the city, in the first phase, by integrating civic body schools and gymkhanas as vaccination points. This will create a set-up which will enable faster and easier accessibility of immunisation to the general citizen, boosting Mumbai's recovery against the pandemic.

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Maharashtra's COVID-19 fatality count plunges below 50; Mumbai witnesses a drop too!

On Sunday, Mumbai's daily statistics for coronavirus showed major healing trends, reporting a negative count of mortalities, owing to improved reconciliation numbers. With new cases falling below the 1000 mark; the 786 fresh infections fell short in comparison to the recoveries, which climbed to a total of 850 yesterday.

This decreasing death toll was observed to be a state phenomenon. Besides the capital, Maharashtra's COVID-19 deaths dropped below the 50-mark after 5 consecutive days of highs. The state health authorities further notified that the new cases of coronavirus remained under the 5,000 mark and recoveries improved.

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Covid-19 recoveries supersede fresh tallies in Mumbai

Mumbai's daily coronavirus statistics have brought a huge respite from the active spread of COVID-19 infection in the city. Superseding the number of 876 confirmed cases, recoveries in the city boomed close to a double 1694 cases on Thursday. Though the tallies have shot up drastically after the low-negative-plunge on Wednesday, Mumbai's healing trends guard the city from the suspected 'second wave'.

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