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Experience an offbeat educational narrative about colonial architecture at Houses of Goa Museum

Located at a distance of hardly 8 km from Panaji, the Houses of Goa Museum provides a glimpse into the prevalent architectural practices of colonial Goa. It is a hidden gem located in the hamlet of Salvador-do-Mundo and it was conceptualised by Goa's famous architect- Gerard Da Cunha. If you wish to know what the confluence of the east and west looks like, then tag along with us as we give you a peek through this historical window!

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THIS 400-year-old fort in Goa is where archaic allure meets modern sophistication!

The skilful construction and strategic placement of Reis Magos Fort, much larger and popular than the Aguada Fort, command the awe of tourists that have an eye for magnificence. Initially built as a military outpost by the Sultanate of Bijapur in 1493, the fort was constructed by the Portuguese in 1551, after defeating the native rulers. A heritage site popularly believed to be named after the Biblical anecdote of the Three Wise Men, this place is a heaven for all those who are looking to explore the Goa of yore!

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THESE 5 must-visit gates across Goa are doorways to the state's rich history & culture

Goa was home to several tribes and rulers before Vasco da Gama discovered it and there are many more such facts that are layered under generic pieces of information available about this sunshine state. Therefore, in an attempt to go beyond the parties and shacks and to give you a sneak-peek of Goan history, here are 5 important gates across the state that recount the tales of yore. So let's embark upon an offbeat journey of chronicling the social, cultural and political aspects of Goa through these gates.

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