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Know about India's largest fort located in the Blue City, almost 350 km from Jaipur

Standing chiselled and sturdy since the 15th century is Jodhpur's historic Mehrangarh Fort, which still bears the imprints of cannonball attacks. Its fretwork adorned windows and carved panels are perched perpendicularly atop a hill that is 125 metres above the Blue City's skyline. Let's take a digital stroll along the ancient corridors of Mehrangarh that have been the backdrop of major cinematic productions, such as The Dark Night Rises, The Jungle Book and Thugs of Hindostan.

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12 Jaipur trains return to tracks as pandemic threat charts a downward trajectory!

Amid the downward dip of the COVID graph in Rajasthan, the North Western Railways has decided to unlock the operations of 17 trains here, bolstering commute services that were otherwise limited till May 2021. Of these, about 12 trains will run from the state capital Jaipur, easing travel for many. With the revival of this fleet, around 60% of trains will ply from the desert state, read reports. By June 15, more trains will be added to the operational convoy.

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