Coronavirus in Goa: Active tallies surge beyond 1000-mark

Coronavirus in Goa: Active tallies surge beyond 1000-mark

Strict action to be taken against those who violate rules in Goa.

Goa has been reporting a spiked trend in fresh coronavirus cases for a week, which has resulted in the accumulation of over 1,000 active cases in the state. With this heavy surge, the State Health Minister has urged locals to exercise maximum caution and vigilance to counter the resurgence of infection here. Though no travel protocols or any such regulations have been established for visiting tourists, the minister has sought maximum cooperation from travellers to contain the rate of infection here.

Strict action to be taken against flouters in Goa

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The Goa cabinet has warned all hotels, restaurants and other such places under the banner of entertainment zone, to adhere to established COVID-19 guidelines or face consequences. A minister on Sunday informed that the state has decided to take strict action against all establishments flouting the preventive norms and use an iron fist to break the chain of coronavirus here.

Similarly, the establishments have to ensure that all staff and guests adhere to preventive protocols such as wearing face masks in public and maintaining social distancing. This will narrow down the chances of direct transmission or contact transmission of the virus. Health authorities have buckled up to enforce stringent measures here and penalise establishments that fail to stand true to these protocols.

The minister also encouraged people to come forward and report about any hotel or restaurant violating the rules. Samaritans can write to the state at and help the state identify offenders. This will help authorities to tie any loose ends in the defence system against the pandemic upturn.

With the addition of 98 COVID-19 fresh infections Sunday, Goa's active tallies surged to 1,013 cases. Though the rate of recovery is much higher than the transmission and case fatality ratio, the state is on the cusp of another wave as evident from the increase positivity ratio. So far, about 56,623 have tested positive for COVID-19 here, out of which, 54,792 have recovered.

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