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Volunteers across Jaipur help in bidding dignified farewells to the deceased amid the pandemic

1,280 individuals have lost their lives due to the highly infectious contagion in Jaipur, since the start of April.

Amidst the pandemic mayhem, the country stands united in its spirit of compassion and service as it attempts to pave its way out of the current pandemonium. As a part of the multiple welfare programs functional in Jaipur, volunteers across the city have converged their efforts to bid dignified farewells to the departed souls. Through widespread initiatives, they are trying to assure proper cremation/burial for COVID victims whose relatives are either hospitalised or infected.

Assuring safe & revered goodbyes to the deceased citizens

R.K. Sahara, a noble soul from Jaipur has performed the cremation procedures for around 60 COVID victims. Additionally, he stated that he will disperse the ashes at Haridwar for individuals, who had lost all their relatives. Another volunteer, Kishan Soni a physical instructor at a government school, has helped in the last rites of around 60 bodies since April last year. While his family feared for him, he shouldered this responsibility for unfortunate individuals who left no one behind them.

During the onslaught of the second COVID wave, Soni received multiple requests from social media platforms. He informed that he first tries to find if the deceased person has any relatives and tries to get in touch with them. If there is nobody to perform the last rites, then he performs it, in accordance with all stated precautionary measures.

Knock Knock

Besides rescuing the citizens from the dire circumstances, these spirited individuals have also become a source of inspiration for others to follow suit. Subsequently, it is important that we help the people around us, in whatever way we can. Given the horrifying nature of the current situation, igniting our collective conscience can support us through the pandemic.

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