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November 25 marked as Meatless Day to commemorate Vaswani Jayanti

To commemorate the birth anniversary of Sadhu Thanwardas Lilaram Vaswani on November 25, the government of Uttar Pradesh has marked this day as Meatless Day. Owing to the same, all the meat shops and slaughterhouses in Lucknow and other UP cities remained today and the same will be followed every year. Notably, this day is also known as International Meatless Day to promote and celebrate vegetarianism.

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Ahead of International Meatless Day, PETA India launch an event in Lucknow at Gomti Riverfront!

In an attempt to promote veganism, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India supporters will be "barbecuing" a dog-prop on a grill in Lucknow on Wednesday. This event will take place at the Gomti Riverfront tomorrow, a day before International Meatless Day which is celebrated on November 25 every year. The event aims to target the sentiment of people by using man's best friend and encourage them to adopt vegan lifestyle by saying no to animal and dairy products.

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