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Monuments in Jaipur can now be used for pre & post wedding shoots!

All your dreams for a wedding full of magic may soon materialise in Jaipur. As per reports, the Rajasthan government has given its sanction for conducting pre and post-wedding shoots at the premises of monuments and museums across the historical city. According to the new orders issued on February 2, keen individuals can book exclusive access to their preferred locations in Jaipur by paying a fixed cost and make their wedding, a memory for a lifetime.

From Amer palace to Hawa Mahal, a string of monuments available for the shoot!

Reportedly, the secretary of the Art, Literature, Culture and Archaeology department told that the wedding shoots were included in the usual ticketing structure but there was no separate system for this. With the latest notification, interested individuals can secure exclusive access to the historical spots to capture special moments of their life. She further added that this would add to experimental tourism as the individuals would return to the monuments to mark anniversaries of the shoot.

The director of the Archeology & Museum Department informed that the individuals can secure their shoot slot for 2 hours during the office time by paying ₹ 5,000. If someone wishes to have a shoot beyond office hours, the fee would be ₹ 15,000 per hour. Though the shoots happened earlier too, the process of procuring access has been institutionalized with the current guidelines. Among the places available for the shoots under the current orders are Amer Palace, Albert Hall, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh, Vidhyadhar ka Bagh, Sisodia Rani ka Bagh.

Complete adherence to guidelines for getting approval

The secretary also apprised that the people who can get done the shoot done amid the visitors during office hours are being charged a nominal amount. If there is somebody who wants to have privacy, he can get the shoot done an hour before or after the monument's operational time by paying an extra fee. Before getting the sanction, the interested parties would have to promise complete adherence to the guidelines. They must assure that no such activity is carried out that hurts the emotions and sentiments of people in addition to ensuring the safety of the artefacts present in the museum.