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Check out THESE diploma courses at Bareilly's Invertis University

Invertis University aims to guide the applicants towards the ladder of success, helping them to unlock their true prowess and become the best version of themselves. By fostering knowledge, the experienced faculty members guide the students through lectures and opportunities, where they get to take part in national and international competitions. Here's a list of all the diploma courses offered by the university.

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Sonu Nigam to be awarded the prestigious Naushad Samman today, here in Lucknow!

Over the years, Sonu Nigam has belted out umpteen number of hits which have made their way into almost every Indian's playlist. Time after time, Nigam has given Bollywood massive hits and is regarded as one of the best artistes of B-town.

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Have you tried these 7 kick-ass shakes from these places in Lucknow?

Our cravings for shakes can never be satiated by just downing one, once in a while. It's a constant yen at the back of our foodie subconscious which prompts us to reach out for variants of shakes, every other day. Just like a good meal, a perfectly whipped up serving of shake can get us all fuzzy from the insides and put a smile on our faces!

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Dress up as your favourite F.R.I.E.N.D.S character & come over HERE in Delhi, for a free beer!

Hey Delhi folks, how you doin'?

Almost everyone around the world, has seen at least one episode from the famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV series and even in 2020, this almost 26yo sitcom continues to rule hearts. With its relatable AF content and characters as epic as Chandler, Ross, Janice, Monica and so on, F.R.I.E.N.D.S has garnered a cult following worldwide.

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138 kms away from Indore, Hanuwantiya is hosting India’s only water carnival, Jal Mahotsav!

Although it's just the first phase of the new year, we're already tied in monotony and we've honestly, been scouting for things to do in the city which would be a much-needed break for us. Of course, Indore has our back on this one and we're already packing our bags for this awesome getaway!

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