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The biggest pub in town, Molecule is hosting a grand party this New Year

2020 has certainly been a year worth remembering- for good or for bad is for you to decide. It is only right that you send off one of the longest years of our lives with a bang and what better place in Lucknow to be at during New Year's Eve than Molecule? The biggest pub in town is also the place where the most happening parties take place, which is why you can expect a mind-blowing party this New Year too. Molecule is throwing a massive New Year's eve carnival & you've got to be at this exclusive extravaganza!

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Lakhnavi Brew Works is hosting a grand NYE bash with an all-you-can-eat menu & UNLIMITED drinks

Seated on the 13th floor of Rohtas Summit, Lakhnavi Brew Works is making sure that the partaaayy doesn't stop anytime soon and we're in full support of the notion! With an expansive range of offerings and budget-friendly NYE party packages, this homegrown brand is now beckoning its patrons to its floors and we cannot wait to bust a few moves here while indulging in drunken revelry to usher in 2021.

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Enjoy a New Year's Eve bash like no other, at Lucknow's Flying Saucer Cafe & avail exciting offers!

If your friends are asking you, "what's the scene for NYE?" and you've been searching for a place to let loose with your squad, then we've got the perfect party plan for you! Here in Lucknow, one of the most classic bar and restaurant- the Flying Saucer Cafe, has taken it upon themselves to give a great send-off to the year 2020 and that's why they're hosting an NYE bash like no other place in the city.

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Usher in the New Year at Munick Bistro & Bar with DJ Mintz! NYE Bash tickets ₹1000 onwards!

If your phone is buzzing with the same ol' question, "Kya scenes for NYE?", then we might be having an answer for you! Munick Bistro and Bar, seated here in Gomti Nagar, is inviting over its patrons for its NYE partaayyy and if your budget is a little tight but you still wanna have a gala anyway, then this bistro is for you to be at.

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Ring in the New Year at Lucknow's Bigg Daddy with BOTTOMLESS food & drinks!

No matter what the occasion is, you can trust Bigg Daddy to make it all the more better with its plush vibes and wicked cool deals! With budget offers inclusive of good food and crafty drinks coupled with a kick-ass ambience, Daddy keeps reigning our hearts and we don't see that changing anytime soon. So if you're in Lucknow and have been scouting for a place to be at on the 31st night, then Bigg Daddy is the place for you!

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